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Utica Public Library

Supporting Your Library

Get involved at the Utica Public Library!


The Utica Library welcomes Volunteer participation!  If you just have a few hours to volunteer, consider assisting us with our annual bake sale or book sale.  If you're interested in volunteering on a more consistent basis, a couple of hours every week for example, we always have need of individuals to straighten bookshelves or shelf-read and clean DVDs or Books on CD.  If you're interested in volunteering, call us at 586-731-4141 for more information or fill out a volunteer form the next time you're at the library.


The Utica Library gratefully accepts monetary donations.  As a small library with a small tax base, patron donations allow us to purchase items that our budget simply doesn't cover.  A gift of $25.00 allows us to purchase one or two books or DVDS for our free shelves.  The more you give, obviously, the more we can purchase.  If you wish your gift to be used for a particular area--Children's easy books, Adult mysteries or books for the Kindle,  for example--we will be glad to accommodate.  

In addition, we accept donations of materials all year round.  We do ask that book donations be in good condition (nothing tattered and torn, or musty from years of storage) and we ask that nonfiction donations be less than ten years old.  We take paperbacks and hardbacks for fiction of all genres, children's books, history books, cookbooks, classics, poetry,  DVDs, and CDs.  We often add selected donated items to our collection, especially DVDs, but we cannot promise to add books that are given to us.  Most donated material goes into our yearly book sale, and the proceeds from the sale help support and fund the library. We do not accept encyclopedias, magazines, Reader's Digest condensed books or textbooks.

Memorial Giving

Memorial books are an excellent way to honor a friend or family member who has passed on.  The library will select a book or books commensurate with your monetary donation and try to follow your suggestions by choosing items in keeping with the individual's interests or reading tastes. The book will be bookplated with an appropriate sentiment which you can compose or leave to us, thus ensuring that every time the book is checked out your friend or family member will be remembered.  In addition, the inscription will display in the library's online catalog.  Memorial books are truly living memorials to your loved ones.

Larger memorial gifts can always be made to fund a particular collection or a special project.  Arrangements can be made with the Library Director and/or Board of Trustees for a project that will both serve the library's needs and honor your loved one in a way that is in accordance with your wishes.  For more details on memorial giving, please call the Library at 586-731-4141 and ask for director, Marsha Doege.